Caring for your Ultra Luxe Swim Robe

Terry Rich Ultra Luxe Robes are truly exceptional women’s swim robes, made from the finest of cotton towelling available anywhere in the world. All Terry Rich Ultra Luxe Swim & Beach Robes are made from 100% Combed Cotton Towelling. The towelling is not only sumptuously think and plush (650 gsm) it also maintains cotton loops on both the internal and external faces of the fabric. This means it is wonderfully plush as well as being supremely absorbent. Ultra Luxe robes deliver maximum water absorption for super quick and effective drying of the wearer as well as extreme comfort and warmth.

A key feature of the Ultra Luxe fabric that makes it so plush and absorbent are the terry loops present on both sides of the fabric. These loops not only increase the warmth and wind resistance of the fabric, they also absorb water efficiently on both side of the fabric. There is also a great deal more cotton to draw moisture away from the skin meaning this fabric will dry you faster and more efficiently than velour fabrics. Velour towelling has one side of fabric (the outer face) shaved to produce a soft, velvet like touch. Most beach towelling is velour on the top side with terry loops on the reverse. Most people learn in time that the reverse side of a beach towel is the one to dry yourself with as veloured top side is no where near as absorbent.

One implication of the Ultra Luxe robes having terry loops on the outside of the robe is the potential of a loop snag or pull. Pulls are common place with towelling, occurring mostly on the reverse side of towelling as the cotton loops are easier to catch than the shaved velour face. As towels are woven and not knitted however, a pull (whilst unsightly) does not compromise the integrity of towelling fabric in any way. Pulls are simply trimmed at the towel face with a sharp pair of scissors and they disappear. When a pull occurs it is important not to ‘pull’ it further to avoid the pull running long the length of towelling leaving a fine line. As previous, when cut off at the towelling face the pull will cease at that point with no further pulling occurring. Some people worry that by cutting the pull the towel will somehow unravel as the cotton has been ‘cut’. This is not the case with towelling. It will not.

If a pull does occur on your Ultra Luxe Robe at some point please follow the approach outlined above and detailed in three simple steps here:
– Recognise the pull. It will appear as a thread of looped cotton protruding from the robe fabric face.
– Don’t ‘pull’ the pull any further.
– With a sharp pair of scissors simply trim the pull flush to the towel face.
– The fabric is returned to perfect condition.

Remember, pulls are not a fabric fault. They are inherent in towelling fabric and more likely to occur where terry loops are present. Pulls are easily rectified with a simple snip that will return the fabric perfect condition. It is best not to ignore a pull as leaving it loose will only increase the likelihood of it catching again and pulling further. If a pull is left to run it will, leaving a faint but visible line in the fabric.