At Terry Rich we have always produced our garments in as many sizes as possible. Until recently we have not used the term plus size to describe our larger sizes. This is simply as we hadn’t really seen any reason to do so. Our aim is to provide as many sizes as possible to suit as many customers as possible. Our ladies swim parkas and swim robes tend to be flattering for women of all sizes.

We have noticed recently however that more and more brands are advertising with the term ‘plus size’ for their swimwear, coverups, beachwear and so on. And it seems more and more shoppers are searching for products using ‘plus size’ in their searches. Given that our swim robes and cover ups are very popular in sixes L, 1XL, 2XL & 3XL we thought we should also make it clear that our garments are also suitable for those searching for ‘plus sizes’. Nothing has changed with our range. There are no differences in the patterns, the cuts, the high quality fabrics and making standards across product sizes – they are as they have always been. Stylish, great quality and functional swim and beach coverups for women of all shapes and ages.