Need help choosing the right beach or swim robe for you? Read about the various cuts, fabrics & benefits of the many different styles we have available.

When it comes to taking little ones for a swim there have always been plenty of choices in swimwear. But as many of us will attest, the swimwear solution is only half of the equation. What goes on before and after the swimming is really important in delivering the happy package we are after. Beach robes, swim robes and other swim cover-ups for children are fantastic garments for any trip to the pool or the beach. They really improve the whole experience for everyone. A good children’s swim robe will dry, it will warm, it will cover-up from the sun and it will stay on a little body (not slip off into the sand or water like towels unfortunately do). And they are not only for the young ones. Many of us ‘big kids’ enjoy swimming, with a swimming robe perfect to slip on to get to and from the pool or beach.

At Terry Rich Australia we are focused on producing the very best towelling robes and hooded towels that can be made. Our advantage is that we are experts in toweling fabric, having begun as a beach towel business over 10 years ago. The watershed moment came one season when we were designing our next range of children’s beach towels. We were aware of the cheap, thin kids hooded ponchos available at discount stores but there was nothing that offered the quality we were producing in beach towels, but in garment form. So we made our very first beach robes.

Now we are not so presumptuous to believe we were the very first people in the world ever to make towelling beach or swim robes, but it is fair to say that we were the first to make anything like our now well know products. Our robes are of exceptional quality toweling. They have deliberately over-sized hoods, corrosion proof full length zippers, fully covered seams and lined pockets, hanging tags, name badges, taped hems and much more. Over the years we have tested, improved and refined our designs to what is as close to perfect as we can imagine. We have also added some different styles to suit particular uses as well as adding a some fabric variations over the years, again for specific reasons.

Importantly we always consider functionality and performance first with any of our cover-up solutions. We ensure that our products improve your day at the beach or pool. We also like to make you look good in the process. But looking good is only valuable if the garment actually works well in the first place. We pride ourselves on our products working exceptionally well from the first day you first use them and for many years into the future.

Following is some explanation of our different swimming robes, beach robes and cover-up styles and fabrics. We hope they assist you in making the right choice for yourself and any little swimmers you might be considering. If you have any further questions or would like our opinion we are more than happy to help. Please email us if that suits you.

Swimming Robes, Beach Robes & Ponchos for Kids

There are three main styles of children’s swim robes to consider. Each are designed with slightly different features however all are interchangeable for general use before and after swimming. Your choice will depend on both your intended use and your personal preference.

Luxe Swim Robes & Beach Robes

Luxe Swim Robes offer everything the Original Terry Rich Beach Robes do but are further optimised for extra warmth. The fabric is amazing. Beautiful, soft and thick! This extra thickness makes these robes nearly windproof as well as very absorbent. Water is absorbed and dispersed by the extra cotton meaning and dampness (and coldness!) is kept to an absolute minimum. This is important as when it’s cold we know that kids run from the water to their robe leaving little time for any dripping off of excess water before they are quickly zipped up. The zipper seams are also fully covered on the inside so there is no chance of any icy breeze sneaking through. Lastly we have added some extra length the hem for just that little bit more leg cover – again with warmth our motive . The result is a truly special swimming robe with hood, perfect if your little swimmer really feels the cold, if your location is cool out of the water or if you are off to swimming lessons in the evening and through winter. Luxe swim Robes and Beach robes come in a number of beautiful colours and designs and are sized for children 2 to 12. Older children can move to the Extra Small size our ladies collection of the same colours and designs.

Classic Swim Robes & Beach Robes

The Original Terry Rich Swim Robes & Beach Robes are somewhat of a swim-time essential with broad application for the beach, the training pool or the backyard pool. These fabulous swimming garments have long sleeves with taped cuffs, over-sized hoods for sun protection (and big hair), corrosion proof full length front zips for quick in and out and many other unique features. They are made from the highest quality 100% cotton towelling fabric that is thick & absorbent. Original Terry Rich Swim Robes come in in a number of striking colours for boys and girls and are sized for children from 1 through to 12.

Surf Changing Poncho for Kids

Terry Rich surf poncho & changing robes allow young surfers and swimmers to cover-up whilst changing in public. The poncho fit is deliberatley loose to allow extra room to move. There is plenty of towelling fabric to dry arms, legs & face. Perfect for drying off and warming up while changing after water activities. No more stumbling behind cars & trees while getting in & out of swimwear & wetsuits! These cosy towelling ponchos will keep icy cold wind off you after a swim or surf as well as keeping the sun off precious skin. They are cut and styled to look great on. Very popular with young swimmers, surfers & other water sport lovers. They are a very handy beach & pool accessory for family holidays to the beach or seaside.

Sleeveless Swim Robes for Toddlers

Sleeveless Terry Rich Swim & Beach Robes for Toddlers are exactly that… sleeveless. We produced this sleeveless style as there was a proportion of our customers looking for a simpler and more cost effective garment for their toddler, but that still delivered on functionality. There are those who also prefer the extra freedom the sleeveless style offers, especially for the very little ones. Sleeveless Terry Rich Swimming Robes are made from mid-weight 100% cotton toweling. They are a little lighter than our Original Swim & Beach Robes but be no means thin. In order to keep the costs lower there are a number of features found on the Original Swim Robes that are not included in the Toddler Sleeveless Style. These are: No covered seams, no lined pocket, no name badge and zinc plated zipper (versus moulded zippers on the Original Robes). Given the popularity of the sleeveless style with smaller children, Sleeveless Beach Robes for Toddlers are offered in sizes 2 and 4 only and in three bright and fun striped designs.

Girls Spa Robes & Pool Robes

These charming little girls spa robes are in crisp waffle cotton with bright, bold buttons down the front. Designed predominately for little swimmers to wear before and after pool time and for girl’s pool parties and girl’s spa parties!. Available in children’s sizes 2, 4 and 6. The waffle cotton is mid weight and soft to the touch. These spa & swim robes are most suitable for mid to warm conditions as the waffle fabric (whilst thick for waffle cotton) is by nature a thinner fabric than the terry towelling used in our Original and Luxe Swim Robes. Made from absorbent and high quality 100% cotton and beautifully tailored and sewn. The length is designed to slip nicely under wet bottoms for the car ride home. The button closure is strong and secure.

Women’s Swimming Robes & Swim Parkas

It is great to see how many people are swimming regularly these days. Swimming is such a great all round activity. Not only is it one of the best forms of low impact exercise for general health and fitness but it is also super for for loosening up body and back aches, a great way to build lung capacity and general cardio performance, perfect for alleviating tension and stress, great for circulation and just for plain old fashioned fun and enjoyment!

Terry Rich Ladies Swim Robes & Swim Parkas are designed as highly practical garments for before and after swimming with an eye for simple and classic style. Made from the very best 100% cotton toweling they are warm, comfortable and highly absorbent. Construction is sturdy with attention to detail. They are perfect to go on straight over swimwear for to and from the pool or beach, serving as an attractive all in one swim cover-up. They also offer great sun protection as the sun gets high in the sky.

Terry Rich swimming robes are popular with regular swimmers as well as the occasional swimmer who like to make a trip to the pool or beach nice and easy. They are also perfect for mums being enticed back into the water as their little ones learn their first strokes (we know it’s usually mum’s who get in and help their little ones in the water!). Great for the backyard pool, for lap training or for a trip to an ocean pool, bay or the beach. Towelling swim parkas are also very handy for a day on a boat or a day water skiing as well as being perfect to pack for that summer holiday.

There are three styles of Women’s Swim Robes & Swim Parkas to consider:

Women’s Ultra Luxe Swim Parka | Swim Robe

The Terry Rich Ultra Luxe Robes are truly exceptional women’s swim robes, made from the finest of cotton towelling available anywhere in the world. All Terry Rich Ultra Luxe Swim & Beach Robes are made from 100% Combed Cotton Towelling. The towelling is not only sumptuously think and plush (650 gsm) it also maintains cotton loops on both the internal and external faces of the fabric. This means it is wonderfully plush as well as being supremely absorbent. Ultra Luxe robes deliver maximum water absorption for super quick and effective drying of the wearer as well as extreme comfort and warmth. Ladies swim robes and swim parkas are available in many generous sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and XL. Robes are proudly deisgn and made in Australia.

Women’s Swim Parka | Swim Robe

These towelling Swim Robes offer all the features of our renown Children’s Luxe Swim Robes including premium, high quality cotton toweling, large over-sized hoods and covered seams. They are also long sleeved so offer great sun cover-up as well as being extra warm. Added features of the women’s style include a handy zip pocket for keys, coins and rings; the highest quality rust-free moulded zipper; luxuriously lined hoods as well as an added waist tie for the perfect fit and shape. Ladies swim robes and swim parkas are available in many generous sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL. Robes are proudly design and made in Australia.

Sleeveless Swim Parkas | Swim Robes

Similar in style and cut to the Womens Sleeved Swim Robes, these Sleeveless Swimming Robes are most obviously different in their lack of sleeves. For some the extra freedom of a sleeveless robe is preferred. Sleeveless robes can also be preferred for warmer locations where the sleeves may prove to be too warm for the conditions. Robe hoods are deliberately oversized for optimum cover-up face protection. Ladies sleeveless beach & swim robes are available in many generous sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and XL. Robes are proudly design and made in Australia.

Surf Changing Ponchos

Surf Changing Ponchos are most popular with swimmers, surfers & other water sport lovers that need to change in public. Made from superior 100% cotton towelling fabric that is soft, warm & super absorbent. Surf Ponchos are designed with large, easy access arm holes to make changing quick & easy. Luxurious oversized hood that will dry hair plus keep out sun & wind plus large kangaroo pockets to keep your hands toasty warm. Women’s Surf Ponchos are very handy to keep in the car for trips to the beach, the pool, the boat or the lake. Built to last with fully covered seams & quality finishing. Made in Australia to the highest Terry Rich making standards. Make your trips to the beach & pool a breeze with this versatile beach accessory that not only works but also looks great!

Beach Cover-Ups

Kids UV Cover-ups in UPF50+ Fabric

These cool & comfortable UV cover-ups are super quick and easy slip on for time in the sun. Perfect for th warmer months, these cover-ups are made in beautiful, light weight, breathable and moisture wicking UPF50+ rated fabric. UPF50+ is the highest rating offered for sun protective fabric meaning it offers very good protection from both UVA & UVB rays. This fabric is also very quick drying so if the coverup does get wet (when the kids keep splashing deeper and deeper ever when you tell them not to!) it won’t be long until the fabric is nice and dry again.

The children’s UV coverups cut is deliberately loose and full length in the arms for maximum cover-up and coolness. The hoods are also deliberately over-sized to protect delicate little faces. Naturally the principle purpose of these garments is to provide cover for kids playing in the sun whilst also remaining cool and comfortable. Unlike our Swim Robes, Beach Robes and Swim Parkas, theses garments are not designed to dry and absorb water. They are still very useful before and after swimming, however a child will need to be towelled down or drip dry prior to wearing to avoid the garment becoming wet. Available in children’s sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 in Pink and unisex Aqua. Children’s UV Cover-ups are proudly made right here in Australia.

Sail Away Beach Cover-ups in zipped Stretch Terry

These beautiful soft touch terry beach cover-ups are charming, warm and extremely comfortable. Perfect for all day wear as a cover-up or over swimmers for to and from the water, they are very easy to get on and off with a full length front zip. Long sleeved with an oversized lined hood that is great to keep hair from flying in the wind at the same time keeping that harsh sun off precious faces. Add handy twin pockets in the front for little hands and little beach treasures and you have a super stylish, super comfy cover-up ready for long happy days of play. The fabric is a cotton poly blend so it does offer some absorbency however is not as ‘thirsty’ as the terry toweling we use in our Original Terry Rich Beach & Swim Robes. Terry beach cover-ups are quite warming so lovely to slip on after a dip to warm up and get out of the wind. These Sail-away Coverups come in crisp White with either Navy or Red Trim. Available in children’s sizes 2, 4 and 6. Proudly designed and made in Australia.

Women’s Terry Cover Ups

Sneak off to the beach or pool in one of these super soft and stretchy Beach Coverups in Terry Towelling. Just like for the girls styles, these are made from lovely quality stretch terry with an off the shoulder neck and loose fit sleeves. This coverup is so comfortable you’ll find it hard to take it off! Great as a swimwear coverup as well as a casual summer slip-on for both day and evening. Available in women’s sizes S, M, L and XL. Proudly designed and made in Australian.

For more information about the many unique features of Terry Rich Swim & Beach Robes, please have a look at Swim Robe Features to learn why they are the very best available anywhere.